Monday, July 23, 2007

Bringing Video Game Systems

We all have them. Our electronic toys that we just don't want to leave at home. The laptops, ipods, and even video game systems seem to find their way into the luggage before clothes do for some people. Game systems you ask? Yes. You know kids, or husbands want to bring that Xbox or Wii with them on vacation, the question is can they. While some ships do have TVs with the RCA hookups in the front, not all do. Because the ship is a moving vessel, the TV is usually bolted down, so finding out what type of hookups are in the back is not an easy quest. Also, if considering bringing anything that you hook up to the TV, you may need to bring an extension cord because the location of the TV may not be close to the outlet in the room. One last thing to think about (and this holds true for all your electronics) is that a ship is generating its own electricity, and you don't know what kind of surge could happen. Reading the fine print, you will find out that the cruise line does not have to take responsibility if your item is damaged.

For those that want to talk their kids out of bringing their game systems, depending on the cruise line you are going on, many have a kids area that will offer the same systems. A great suggestion I heard from a friend was to see if they would be allowed to bring their favorite game to the kids area and play it. A good bet is that once they see all the other things they will be doing on board, the game system would just sit in the room unplugged anyway.


Anonymous said...

We cruise on the Carnival Holiday often. The one complaint we have is that Camp Carnival is closed WAY too often. So even though they have game systems on board, the kids aren't even able to access them during days at sea when we run out of things to do with them. In fact, the Camp Carnival aboard the Holiday has been a disappointment for us and the kids. Because of this we are seriously considering driving a little longer and taking another ship from now on.

D.C. said...

This is the first that I have heard of Camp Carnival being closed often. I don't know if that is a Holiday (the ship) issue or time that you cruise issue, but it is strange. We were just on the Victory and there were very few kids on board but Camp Carnival was open its normal hours all week.

Anonymous said...

My family and I sailed on The carnival Conquest last Oct. It was a great time, but you are absolutely right. Their Camp Carnival is closed way to often. It seems like everytime the wife and I found something for us to do (ie. art show), it was time to pick up the kiddos. Don't get me wrong, we love our children, but wanted to take part in the adult activities, and just wasn't able to. When we sailed on RCCL (twice), their childrens activities didn't have this 'break' so many times throughout the day. that is the main reason we are looking at RCCL over Carnival for our next cruise. They cost a bit more, but for us, it was worth it. Other than that, Carnival was great. If they had the same set up as RCCL, they would become our main cruising option.