Friday, July 27, 2007

Disney May Venture from Port Canaveral

According to the article here, Disney Cruise Line is looking for other ports for its two current ships, and the two ships on order which will double the fleet by 2012. This doesn't mean that Disney will abandon Port Canaveral all together, but looks to increase the number of ports that will be available for sailings. This will be a plus for fans of the the line who would like to see more cruises take place from other ports with newer destinations as well.

Currently the Disney cruises out of Canaveral with both ships, with one doing some cruises out of the west coast as well as the Mediterranean.

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Cam said...

Mediterranian, Mexican Riviera and Canaveral methinks. Timeline around 2010 if I remember right. We're going on the Riviera next year. Cant' wait.

I realllllly hate to admit it, but Disney cruises freakin ROCK.