Monday, July 23, 2007

Keeping In Touch While At Sea

For the first time cruiser, wondering how to stay in contact while on board the ship is a perfectly understandable question. Unlike in the movies from the 1970s, you don't have to go to the bridge and have the captain radio land. Some people are surprised to find that there will actually be a phone in the cabin, internet service on board, and on many ships your cell phone may work. Here is a little information on all three:

  • In Cabin phone: Expensive, at $5-$7 per minute or more but in an emergency, thinking about the cost is not a priority.

  • Internet Service: Usually a small area or room with 8-20 terminals. Much cheaper than the phone, but not cheap. Packages vary by cruise line. Most will offer a per minute rate for those not wanting to purchase a bulk minute package. Printing is available usually for a per page fee as well. Also take note that some cruise lines will charge a one time activation fee the first time you use the internet.

  • Cell Phones: Yes it is true, SOME cell phone carriers will work while you are at sea on certain cruise ships. International roaming charges will apply. The process of rolling out this service has been slow and not well organized over the last view years, so while some carriers may work on one ship, they may not work on another.

An in depth article on has taken the time to detail out what each cruise line offers and even on what ships.

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