Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nautical Terms

While on board, there are a few terms that you will hear used. Below are some of the most com on ones used with non nautical definitions.

  • Aft - Near the rear of the Ship
  • Bridge - Where the ship's speed and direction is controlled
  • Cabin - Passengers "hotel" room on board
  • Deck - Floor. Decks can be referred to by number or a name (i.e. Main Deck or Deck 4)
  • Forward - Near the front of the ship
  • Galley - Kitchen
  • Muster - Boat drill. All passengers on a cruise ship must complete the muster drill
  • Naut - Short for nautical mile - approx. 1 and 1/8 of a mile.
  • Port - Left side of the Ship (tip: port and left both have 4 letters)
  • Starboard - Right side of the ship
  • Tender - Smaller vessel used to ferry passengers to land when the ship is to large to dock.

A little history on "port" and "starboard": It has been said that in Viking days, the rudder used to steer the ship was put on the right side of the ship. This became the Steer Board (later to become starboard) side of the ship, and because of this, ships would always dock with the left side of the ship toward port to not damage the rudder, thus making the left the port side.

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