Friday, July 20, 2007

Smoking on a Cruise Ship

Smoking is allowed on board in designated areas. Someone may correct me on this, but last time I checked, there is no such thing as a non smoking cabin. Many lines do not advertise that smoking is allowed in the rooms, but don't state otherwise either. As for the other designated areas, on many ships, its in certain bars, the casino, and certain areas on deck. These areas will vary from ship to ship. One rule that stays the same among all cruise lines is the rule against throwing cigarette butts overboard. For one its polluting, and another is that most times, the cigarette usually will be sucked back on board on a different level of the ship which can be dangerous. Carnival had the Paradise, which was a 100% non smoking ship, but that was changed after the ship stopped moving from port to port and started using California as a home port. With the way regulations are changing in many states, its only a matter of time before the cruise industry starts to rethink its policies. Smoking may not be banned all together, but I can see cabins becoming a smoke free area, if only for the safety value alone.

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