Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Three Seasons for the Addicted Cruiser

Most addicted cruisers will agree with me on this one. There really is only three seasons.

  • Booking season
  • Cruising season
  • Can't wait to book my next cruise season

Booking season starts the moment after the booking in made. Activities during this season include, but are not limited to, day counting, weight management, swimsuit shopping, watching the mail for the documents, and trying to find out everything you can about destinations and the ship. While this season tends to feel slow, there is a mystic surrounding the anticipation of embarkation day will soon be here.

Cruising season is like the first day of summer vacation as a kid. It's the most anticipated but at the same time the shortest. It starts with a flood of ideas and thoughts, from what to do first to did we forget anything. The next thing you know, your standing in line for embarkation. Once on board, its time to run around, explore, and visit the buffet! Then, just like childhood, you get hit with chores. Say what? Its off to do the lifeboat drill dragging your feet. But its soon over, and as you head off to your cabin to put the life jackets up, you notice something. The ship is moving and the next thing you know, so are you. The rest of the season is filled with days of fun, relaxation, and exploration. But, before long its time for this short season to end. They kick you off the ship kicking and screaming (or was that just me). Now the gloomy season is about to begin.

The "can't wait to book my next cruise" season starts when the euphoria wears off from being on vacation. Usually right around the time you step off the ship. Some people hate this season so much that they try to avoid it by going right back to booking season. There are people that will even attempt fate and manage back to back cruising seasons! We must worship these people. For everyone else, this season will drag. Many stories will be told about the previous season. The only way to put an end to this season is to book the next cruise. Maybe this one will be longer!


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You are so right that it is scary. Thank goodness I am in the booking season right now. LOL