Thursday, July 26, 2007

What Cruiseline Fits You?

OK. You have been looking around the Internet, and this site, and want to go on a cruise. The first question to ask yourself is how do I decide. It sounds like a simple question, but it can be broken down into some things to think about.

  • Is price an important factor?

If yes, mainstream lines should top your list such as Carnival or Royal Caribbean. Also, this would be an indication you may want to do some shopping around and be more flexible with dates. Some really good deals can be found on dates that the cruise lines consider the least appealing.

  • How many days can you a lot to your vacation?

Cruise vacations range from 3 short trips that only visit one port to trips that are weeks long. IF you only have a set amount of time, and small window in which to take a cruise, it will decrease the options available, and in some cases increase the cost of the cruise. For example people that only have vacation around spring break will find the cost of the shorter cruises can be just as expensive as a longer one.

  • Will it just be you, two people, or the whole family?

For a solo traveler, you may want to search out singles cruises, or see if singles events are on board.

As a couple, the options are endless. Smaller ships with more intimate dining and few if any children may appeal to you. Or you want a ship with plenty of nightlife, where the bars don't shut down.

With a Family trying to please everyone is not easy. Staying with the mainstream lines will offer plenty for everyone, or depending on the age of the kids Disney may be worth investigating.

  • Where do you want to visit?

Not every ship goes to every port. So if you have your heart set on visiting a specific local, it can limit you to not only what cruise line, but the dates that are offered.

Answering these questions to yourself will aid you in finding the perfect cruise vacation for you.

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