Friday, July 13, 2007

Your first cruise

For those who are thinking about taking their first ever cruise, I'd like to recommend a three or four day cruise. A short cruise is over quickly , so it just gives you a taste of what a longer cruise experience would be. If you do not have an absolute blast, you have not invested a lot of time or money. If you thoroughly enjoy your self it will leave you wanting more and you can plan a longer cruise for your second trip.

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Going2Oahu said...

Great article and invaluable to the first timer. Though large passenger ships dock regularly in Hawaii on their way through the Pacific, several beautiful ships also offer a strictly Hawaiian Island itinerary. Have you experienced any difference in service on Pacific versus Atlantic journeys? I write a blog on Hawaiian travel and was wondering if you would want to contribute an article. You write well and your blog is very functional. Aloha ~ please e-mail me if you would like to discuss. Regardless, keep up the good work! I subscribed to your RSS Feed - looking forward to your new posts.