Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bringing Alcohol On Board the Ship

When it comes to bringing alcohol on board a cruise ship, the rules vary from line to line but the standard rule of thumb is that hard liquor and beer is not allowed but wine and champagne is (some lines do suggest a limit to quantity) with the condition that if you plan on taking it into the dining room that there will be a "corkage fee" of around $10 for the wait staff to serve it. Personally, I have seen many servers neglect to add the fee but it depends on them. Alcohol service is an area where cruise lines make a lot of their money, so they are very strict on the rules.

There are many sites out there which have tips on how to smuggle your own alcohol on board the cruise ship for those wishing to try but be warned, if you do not succeed, your contraband will be confiscated or you will be asked to dispose of (take back to your car if you drove or toss) before you will be allowed to board the ship. There have been instances where confiscated alcohol came up missing by the end of the cruise, so smuggle at your own risk.

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Cam said...

Disney, BYOB. They WANT you to let them know that's what's in your bag. The more you hide it, the more likely you are to not get it on. Last year we brought to collapsable coolers with a total of about 150 cans of beer and we brought 4 bottles of Rum. Glass bottles too. No questions asked.