Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Create Your Own Personal Travel Website

When you get back from vacation, you want to share your experiences right? Travelpod gives you a place to do just that for free. You can create your own blog, upload pictures, videos and even map out the places you have been and share it with anyone with an internet connection. Around since 1997, Travelpod has thousands of members already a part of its community. There is also a members forum where you can discuss with others, on a myriad of topics. For those who would like to keep there travelogue private there is an enhanced membership available which allows you to lock areas of your travelogue so that only the people you want access to can see, and removes the advertising (currently $39.95 a year).

This is a great site for someone looking to display photos, talk about vacation destinations, and see where others have been.

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