Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shore Excursions

There are plenty of things to do when the ship is in port. On possibility is to go an a shore excursion or tour. People can book some excursions through the cruise line, either by phone, on the internet, or while on board the ship. If the tour you are interested in is a popular one, it is best to book it as early as possible because on most tours space is limited. Prices from the cruise lines can range from $25 up to $200 depending on the activities planed. Tours can be as simple as getting a few hours to relax at a private beach, to very active such as scuba diving. There is a tour for just about every activity level and or taste. Some people prefer to book their own tours through independent operators. This can be done over the internet, or even the day of port. Many tour guides are usually waiting right next to the ship to whisk people away.

Booking through the cruise line:

  • Pro: Cruise lines only use licenced tour operators. The time frame is set to "ship time". If a tour is running late, the ship knows where you are and will wait.
  • Con: Prices are higher than booking independently. Many tours include "extras" that may not be what everyone is interested in. Large groups can slow down getting from one place to another. Tours may sell out before you reserve.

Booking independently:
  • Pro: Smaller group size. Usually less expensive. Tour guide usually does what the group wants. Tour may not be offered by the cruise line.
  • Con: Tour guide may not know what time you need to get back to the ship. If running late, the ship has no record of you being on a tour. May or may not be licenced.

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