Saturday, August 4, 2007

Special Needs While Cruising

I hear a lot of people say that they are afraid to go on a cruise because of their diet, a handicap, or because of medications. Let me just say that a cruise ship is well equipped to handle just about any type of special need. Give advanced notice of your need or request. Letting it be known at the time of booking will help ensure that anything needed will be ready when you board. If you require a handicap cabin, it is best to book a cruise early because there are limited cabins that may meet your need. Many cruise lines have a varied menu when it comes to meeting different diets. Low sodium, sugar free, and vegetarian options will be labeled accordingly, but letting the cruise line know ahead of time of your needs, may increase the options available for that cruise. When taking medications that need refrigeration (such as insulin), you may be given the option of storing your supplies in the infirmary on board, extra care in making sure you have ice in the cabin, and on some ships, a portable refrigerator may be available for your use. While I have only touched on a few needs, just remember that you don't know unless you ask. You may be surprised how much a cruise line can and will go to accommodate their passengers.

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