Thursday, August 30, 2007

Travel Industry's Biggest Concern? Generating Off Season Demand

This is true for the travel industry as a whole as well as in the cruise industry. A survey done by shows the trends that the travel industry are following to increase not only off season, but overall customer return. The two biggest ways that they are doing this is by creating customer loyalty during "peak season" and email market campaigns. Email is becoming one of the biggest growing advertising streams for both big and small market travel companies because it has been shown to be effective, and reduces cost. According the the survey, 47% of companies asked said that email was their most effective method, with having 51-75% of their customer's email addresses. Looking at what I get in the line of advertisements from the major cruise line's I would put it at 80-90% of it is in the form of email. Personally, this is fine with me, but I know there are many out there that rather have the full color brochure delivered, and I guess that's why email advertising is only at 47% but look for that number to rise in the coming years.

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