Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Value of a Dollar (Cost of Cruising over the Years)

When Carnival Cruise Line started out over 30 years ago, a seven day cruise started at around $600 per person. Today, not including specials, a seven day cruise starts at about $600 per person on the same cruise line. However, a car that costs around $20,000 today sold for around $5000 30 years ago. Given those inflation numbers, had cruising followed the same path, a 7 day cruise would currently start at around $2400 per person. Given this, no wonder the cruise industry has become more popular every year. With more cruise lines and ships to choose from than ever, and even more ships on the way, cruising is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck come vacation time. Today, a good bargain hunter can find deals in the range of $50 a day per person, bringing a 7 day cruise to $450 each (for an inside cabin, before taxes) at a time when on a land based vacation it can be difficult to get three meals a day and spend less then that before adding in hotel room and entertainment.

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