Friday, August 17, 2007

Whale Watching on the Mexican Riveara

Living on the west coast, one of our favorite cruise destinations is the Mexican Riviera. On our last Riviera cruise, in February of this year, we were lucky enough to see whales even though it was not part of the tour we were on. We were on what is better known as a booze cruise. The catamaran we were on was taking us down the coast of Ixtapa to Ixtapa Island and one of the passengers saw something in the distance. The captain knew it was a whale and started to follow, while still keeping a good distance. It happened to be a mother and baby whale but we did not get close enough for my novice eyes to say what kind, but was told they were gray whales. It was an awesome site to see.

The best time for whale watching is between the months of January and March on the Mexican Riviera. While its a little on the cool side when leaving out of San Diego or Long Beach, the weather is wonderful down near Cabo San Lucas and other ports south where the whales are spending their winter migration. Our chance encounter did not allow us to get very close, but on whale watching tours (of which one will be in our future now) the captain and crew know where to go and are better equipped to get the best view and picture opportunities.

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