Sunday, September 16, 2007

Airline Alternatives SkyBus and Allegian Air

For a lot of us, the nearest home port not a short distance away. This mean either a long drive (and what usually seems like a longer drive back home) or flying to port. With the cost of air fair being a large piece of the vacation budget, it can be depressing. Recently there has been a couple of upstarts that are just now starting to hit the radar when it comes to competing with the big boys. SkyBus for instance would be a great place to look for anyone near Columbus (their hub) or Kansas City looking for flights to many major cities near the ports (San Deigo, LA, Ft. Lauder dale etc...). The web page has competitive rates, links for hotel, cruises, and car rental, and the first 10 seats sold on every flight are sold at $10 (not including the taxes and fees). Allegiant Air is another small company. While they have more destinations, the destinations differ based on where you are flying from. Someone flying from Chicago will have a few Florida destinations to choose from, while someone from Phoenix wont have any. Allegiant flys out of smaller airports, so anyone looking for flights here may want to check the distance from the airport they will be flying to from the port if planing on flying in on the day of the cruise.

These are just two of a handful of airlines that are out there worth looking into when trying to find the best deal and staying in your vacation budget.

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