Thursday, September 13, 2007

Carnival Cruise Ship Shuffle

I was trying to research all the changes in the next two years in cruise ship itineraries for Carnival Cruise Line and got myself all turned around before giving up and going on a cruise. Well Carnival did my work for me and posted their fleet information while I was on vacation. Thank you Carnival. The current list has the Celebration leaving the fleet in April of 08, but does not have any information on the future of the Holiday (rumors abound). Also missing from the list is information on the Pride moving to San Diego in 2009, what the Spirit will do in the Winter/Spring when that happens, and that the Splendor will be moving to Long Beach in 2009 to replace the Pride when it moves to San Diego. Another question is in what will Carnival be doing in New York in the future being the Victory is moving to Year Round San Juan when the Destiny moves to year round cruises from Miami in fall of 2008.

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