Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brand Loyalty

I love talking to other cruise fanatics about the reasons they stick with one cruise line over another and find the reasons to be fascinating while at the same time not very in depth. In all honesty, I used to be one of these people. My favorite answer is simply "the food is better on..." I am not saying that its not a valid reason, but like the majority reasons for having a favorite anything, they are subjective. Food, entertainment, and decor are the big three when it comes to comparing the major cruise lines, but as the old cliche goes "one mans trash is another mans treasure". There is nothing wrong with having a favorite, I have mine as well, but I try hard to not bash any cruise line over something that based on opinion nor can I say something bad about a cruise line that I have never been on. Now that's a mouthful. Have you ever asked someone about a specific brand (I am talking cruising but this fits with many other things as well) and they will tell you how it is the worse one, but yet they never tried it themselves. Carnival and Royal Caribbean "lifers" are like that. Many, while never being on a ship by the competitor will tell you ten reasons why their cruise line of choice is better. Its almost like brain washing. My wife and I were total fans of Carnival for years and were very reluctant to try any other cruise line, but we had a date in mind and Carnival did not fit in the plans so we tried RCCL. Like any other loyal brand supporter I was all set to go on the cruise in full skeptic mode. Once I relaxed and said to myself that I was on vacation and not there to critique the cruise, it made for a much better vacation and was the start of what has become this blog. We still love Carnival, but enjoying the other cruise lines options can be a fun thing as well. So for those who have a chance, don't be afraid to try something new, you may like it.

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