Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Costumes for Halloween Cruising

The first question is whether or not to even take a costume? We say if you are a Halloween fan and the costume does not take up much space, then yes. If you are taking your kids, a costume party may even be offered at the kids club. You may even want to check with the cruise line to see if there are going to be activities. Carnival has embraced Halloween and encourages the younger guests to bring their costumes during this time of year, with trick or treating, contests and other fun activities. As for the adults, you never know. The disco could be a pretty fun place to hang out when everyone shows up in costume. Now as for the other question to ask, it what costume right? We recommend something that is easy to pack as to not take to much space away from the other packing for the vacation. Another suggestion is to stay away from dressing up as a cruise ship captain. While this sounds like fun, you can guess how many other passengers have the same idea. In fact, there is usually at least one person that does this on every cruise regardless of the time of year. And if Halloween isn't your thing, but you happen to be booked during this occasion, don't worry, there will be plenty of other passengers that wont dress up either. As the saying goes, a cruise is what you make of it.

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