Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cruising to Hawaii Trends and Cruise Air

I found an insightful article written by the president of a travel agency in Ventura California. You can check it out the Ventura County Star and read his view of the future of vacationing in Hawaii. It breaks down three trends that seem to be in the the cards so to speak. While I agree with the article for the most part, when it gets to "trend 3" I am not sure what I think. I am familiar with Carnival's recent stand on removing commission from booking airfare. Not being a travel agent, it does not affect me as much as it would the author of the article. However, I have found through my travels that I prefer to book my own airfare when cruising. This is especially true when cruising out of the other side of the country, and living on the west coast, that is the majority of the cruises. Listening to other cruiser's stories, I think that it is a "trend" to book ones own airfare, and that the number of cruise air bookings will continue to decrease. Look for other cruise lines to follow Carnival's lead. Now, to just find the time for a 12 day cruise to Hawaii!

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