Saturday, October 13, 2007

Power of the American Dollar

Vacations can be expensive and in today's economy with the American Dollar remaining in a major slump, the effect can be drastic. Americans vacationing in Europe will feel the effect the most with the dollar being worth less than half an English Pound and about three quarters of the Euro. What does it all mean? The financial experts have a ton of terms and definitions but the short story is that the American Dollar just can't buy as much as it did a few years ago and the experts do not see a rebound any time soon. So, what does this have to do with cruising? A lot actually, and much of it in a good way. While the cruise lines are feeling the crunch as well, prices have not changed much at all. In fact unlike just about any other product, the cruising has not changed in price much in over three decades. With inflation it equates to cruise prices going down over the years. It explains why more and more people are becoming attracted to taking a cruise every year. Another attractive side is that many of the places visited by a cruise ship are very happy to see the influx of American Dollars, making what should be weak look like the old mighty and powerful again. While this does not hold true everywhere, the Caribbean and Mexico are the exception which makes them ideal destinations even with a slumping American economy.

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