Friday, October 19, 2007

Time2Cruise Prepares for Cabo in December

Thats right. We have started our preparations for our December cruise to Cabo San Lucas. Just in time for a little pre Christmas cruising! On short cruses like this we try to pack light with try being the optional word. We always over pack, even with all the advice we have for others, it seems that we cant heed our own advice. This will be the first cruise for four people in our group going which always makes for more fun. They are as excited as little kids who cant sleep on Christmas Eve with over a month before we even leave dock. There is nothing like that first cruise. The excitement and anticipation. We have done the dance so many times that bringing our friends along has added to our excitement as well, but I do miss that feeling as we saw the ship on our first cruise. Its one of those feelings that you just remember.

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Debo Hobo said...

WOW! Cabo that sounds like it is going to be loads of fun. I have not taken a cruise yet, believe it or not so I am looking forward to that first time.