Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are Cruise Lines Bringing Back the Class System?

An article in the Travel section of the New York Times indicates that a shift back to a class diversification is happening right now. Many of the cruise lines are working hard at trying to find ways to please the people that don't want to be part of the group atmosphere that is common on a cruise vacation. But as always, the exclusivity will come at a price. Access to the V.I.P. areas on some of these ships are open to only those sailing in select cabin categories, however others, such as on Princess, have an adult only area that is open to anyone willing to pay the $10 per day fee to get in. As with any change in the cruise industry, it will appeal so some and not others, which is not a bad thing at all. Don't look for things to go back to the days of the Titanic where if you are not one of the V.I.P.s that you will be tucked away in steerage by any means. These areas are not going to appeal to everyone and the bottom line with the cruise companies is to make money, so they will do everything they can to make sure everyone has a good time because a happy passenger spends more than an unhappy one not to mention the odds of a return cruise goes up exponentially when things go well.


purplefrogcat said...

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Debo Hobo said...

This article did send my mind racing back to the images of the steerage on board the Titanic. I am glad you cleared that up. I for one would be more than willing to pay a little extra for more elite and luxurious accomodations. Who would't take the opportuntiy to sail the high seas in ultimate style.

I also saw that cruises are moving away from the cattle call dinning and activitie planning. Which I think is another great plan. Why? Because who wants to be on such a tight schedule whilst on vacation.

Well, another great article as usual.