Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Cruiseer's Dream - Retire On Board

Just about everyone has heard the story of the retired woman who decided to live full time on a cruise ship. Bea Muller is that lady, in this true story, who took up residence on the QE2 around the year 2000. Feel free to search her name and read one of the many articles about her. This is what I have done recently, just to see if there is any information about her that is recent but to no avail. The reason for my inquiry is simple. Best I could find is that she is still currently on board and paid up through the final World Cruise before the ship finally retires. She is writing a book that I have found no evidence of being published yet, so am to assume is still being worked on all about the QE2. It will be an interesting read when it hits the book shelves.

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