Friday, November 2, 2007

Health Conscious Cruising

It's hard to believe that one can take a cruise and still think and eat healthy but they can. Just about every ship has a full service health spa with just about every workout machine or variation of available. The dinner menu in the main restaurants have low fat, low salt, and other health conscious options noted. The buffet lines will have their fair share of baked items to compliment the deep fried stuff as well. It all comes down to will power and the want to make the healthier choices which is a difficult decision when your on vacation. Taking this into consideration, below are a few options to consider to maybe reduce the guilt factor of all the temptations while on a cruise (and still not see the inside of the gym):

  • Book a cabin the furthest from the Lido deck (where the buffet is).
  • Only use the stairs on board instead of the elevators.
  • Take a walk after diner up on deck to help your food settle.
  • Share deserts rather than getting one of each for yourself.
  • Try the sugar free deserts (you may be very surprised).

These may sound to simple and even a little frivolous, but the average cruiser gains between 3 and 10 pounds on a 7 day cruise. Just making a small effort could mean the difference between remembering the great time and just remembering all you ate.

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Handmade Heaven said...

Just got back from an eight night cruise and only gained 4 lbs. My last cruise I gained way too much! I agree about choosing a desert to share or even trying the so called "diet" deserts. The last night I had the diet apple pie and it was wonderful. And use the stairs instead of the elevator--all that walking will certainly help use up the calories. Get into the pool and swim, use the deck for walking. It is possible to take a cruise and not lose fitness.