Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Pictures

One of biggest complaints I hear is about the photographers on board ship. Some can be annoying when trying to get you to pose in front of their backdrop on most nights yet on formal night, when you are all dressed for the occasion, there is always a line for the better backdrops. The cost of the pictures gets some complaints as well ($10-$20 for the first print depending on size) but when compared to what it would cost on land to do a professional sitting its not that bad at all. On top of this, most cruise lines will fax or email you a release form so you can get copies made if you ask once back home. And now with it being the holiday season, it can be a great time to get some awesome family photos to send out. We did this last year. The ship we were on even had special Christmas related backdrops, and on non formal nights there really wasn't a wait. The only downfall is that the family pet gets left out of the photo well unless you or someone you know has some experience with photoshop.

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