Saturday, November 17, 2007

Royal Caribbean Changes Not Pleasing Fans

This past summer Royal Caribbean made an announcement on changes to their smoking policy tightening the rules on where smoking will be allowed on their ships. Just this past week, along with all the other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean has announced a $5 per day fuel charge for the first and second passengers in each cabin. Now the latest word is that RCCL will be making a major change to the dining menu. Starting in 2008 lobster will not be served on any of Royal Caribbeans ships. For many cruisers lobster has been synonymous with formal night when cruising. It is not known if this is a cost cutting move or for other reasons, but it will not sit well with the guests. A rumor is that they will be decreasing the number of live music acts on board the ships drastically as well. Again, these are all indicators of how the economy is having an affect on the cruising industry. In checking out a couple of the more popular message boards for cruising fans, I noticed that many Royal Caribbean alum are starting to talk about trying other lines with all the changes. While I am a fan of trying other cruise lines, the current situation is not only a Royal Caribbean problem and the other cruise lines are making similar changes as well.

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Anonymous said...

having just return d from a 3 day ensenada cruise i notice d the *no lobster nite*..we were told that it s no longer offer d on their their shorter cruise..

has anyone experience d this policy extending to all their sailings?

also, sceduale d to sail with NCL in Jan.and have been hearing they no longer offer lobster tail rather a seafood dish with a chunk of crayfish on steriod s..but, still being offer d only in their
specialty restraunts..

during the monarch cruise we also notice d that the show s were using tape music..however, it was very tastefully done and i enjoy d the show greatly..