Monday, November 19, 2007

Shoppers Beware When In Port

One of the fun parts of a cruise is shopping while in port. Once off the ship, the area just past customs is usually lined with street vendors all ready to wheel and deal for your money. But just like out of Hollywood movie scene, there are also some shrewed individuals that may approach you with ill intent. The walk up to you and offer illegal merchandise or even drugs. The best thing to do is to ignore them and keep walking. Just stopping can to say no thank you can make the situation worse. This is because they have no intentions of selling you anything. Their goal is to get you to buy and then just by coincidence the local police will show up and arrest you for possession and broker a deal with you to not end up in jail. This con is common in many of the locations in the Caribbean and in Mexico. If something looks suspicious when you are in port its best to treat it as such and go the other way. Its better to be safe then sorry. This advice is very appropriate right now as many people are going on vacation and hoping to pick up some gifts to bring home for the holidays and the cons know this and will be on the look out for the easy targets. Don't let it be you.


Colorado baby said...

Thanks for the information, I have never been on a cruise ship...Maybe some day,, never say never right.. I have learned that crime is everywhere.....and when you see things happen to others you "NEVER" KNOW IF IT WILL BE YOU AS THE NEXT VICTIM... I just said never say never...GOOD SITE TO READ, THANKS C-BABY

D.C. said...

Thanks for the comment. As you said, crime is everywhere, and people just need to be aware of their suroundings no matter where they are. Glad you liked the post.