Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dining Around Los Angeles

Yesterday I mentioned that we flew to Los Angeles for the weekend. While there we spent our time in Redondo Beach. It was a cold windy weekend so much of our time was spent indoors. When we were not playing "Rock Band" we had a chance to visit a restaurant or two. The first that I would highly recommend is the Original Pancake House. It was very busy, but the wait was short and the service was great. We tried the specialty apple pancakes and the dutchboy. Hard to explain except to say that they were both worth ordering. It was so good that I almost forgot to take a picture before digging into my apple covered deliciousness. For lunch we went to a place not far from the airport called the LA Food Show. Contrary to the weird pictures that the name may conjure up, it was a nice sit down restaurant with plenty to choose from on the menu. The price was reasonable for Los Angeles and the service was excellent. A place I am going to mention but not recommend is Encounter. Its at the airport and just reopened in November. We were there for diner the night we flew in. Service was good but for an upscale restaurant the choices on the menu left a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed what we had, but I can honestly say that nothing on the diner menu would have been my first choice elsewhere. We were told that the lunch menu was different, but that will have to wait for a future trip. One great thing about LA is that there are plenty of places to try out when there. We hate to go somewhere on vacation and have the same choices as we have at home and with our many visits to California that has never been a problem.

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