Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Football Fans Enjoy Their Cruise Too!

Just because your miles out to sea does not mean that you can't get some weekend football in. The bars and lounges on board the Carnival Elation were packed this past Saturday and Sunday with fans rooting on their favorite teams. Saturday was a great day to catch some college action on one of the many TVs in the lounges and bars. And on Sunday the two TVs at the bar at the back of Tiffany's, the buffet restaurant, each had a different game on and there was not an open seat nearby. I mention this because one of the many questions I hear all the time is about catching the big game while on a cruise. When it comes to football the answer is yes you can. We happened to be on a cruise this past February on the Carnival Spirit during the Super Bowl and it was a major event on board as I guess it should be. The theater was turned into a giant living room with couches and a 25 foot screen on stage. Even Football snack foods like wings and subs were set out, like one needs even more food while on a cruise. Extra televisions were set up around the ship so that no matter what public area we were in, we were not far from the action. The bottom line is that people love their football and being on a cruise does not mean that you have to go without.

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