Friday, December 14, 2007

Need a Vacation After The Vacation

Cruising is a great vacation, but when it comes to relaxing, its one thing that we find hard to do especially on a short cruise like the 4 day we just got off of on Monday. Its not like we couldn't relax, its just that there are so many things to do that trying to fit in as much as possible can make down time a difficult commodity. On this last cruise we were up by 7 am every morning because with our normal lives that is sleeping in, but were not in bed until 2 am. Even with that we did not outlast other people on board. Activities go on late into the night with karaoke, disco, casino and other nightlife not to mention the late night buffets. We tend to find more down time on 6 day or longer cruises. That's when taking a book and just relaxing on a balcony or out by the pool can break up the fast paced day on board ship. Because shorter cruises tend to be action packed, we like to recommend for those that can, to take an extra day whether in the port city or at home to just relax before going back to work. Unfortunately not everyone can have this luxury but for those that can, they will find it well worth it.

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