Saturday, December 29, 2007

Travel Outlook for 2008

Look for vacation travel to be up in 2008. It may be hard to believe, with the down economy, but people are going to be wanting to get away. The housing market being down could leave some people with funds they are not willing to sink into a new house that they are willing to put elsewhere such as a little get away. The cruise lines are ready and waiting. Holland America, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean all have new ships. Airlines are gearing up for a heavy year as well with flights from U.S. to over seas markets looking to be strong. Flights from the U.S. to China alone are expected to double over the next five years according to experts. Boeing, maker of the 787, has over 790 of the new planes on order already with that number expected to increase as well as the new Airbus 380. In all, there will be plenty of vacation options and ways to get there in 2008 and the expectations are high that the demand for it all will be there.

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