Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ipods Become A Part of Cruising

When it comes to mp3 players, the Ipod is the king and you probably have an Ipod or an Iphone or are just tired of hearing about it. Well they are now becoming a part of cruising. Of course we all know that we can bring our little portable devices with us on vacation for personal enjoyment but now cruise lines are renting them too. On some Princess ships you can rent an Ipod to enjoy in the adults only area of the ship for around $10 a day. For some this is a small price to pay to not have to lug their own Ipod with them along with all the other luggage that is brought on a cruise. Cunard's Queen Victoria, has Ipods available for use in a self guided tour of the artwork on board which allows passengers interested in the tour to go along at their own pace. And it will come as no surprise that you will see plenty of people, kids and adults alike walking along or sunbathing by the pools this year with the signature white headphones dangling from the ears.

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