Thursday, February 21, 2008

Satelite TV To Get Better On Cruise Ships

Its has to be good to hear some feel good news with all the bad press that has been playing out lately. It looks like the satellite TV on board cruise ships is getting better, starting with Oceania. For anyone that has been on a cruise, they know how crappy the TV can be on board. Fuzzy pictures, and lack of channels are common. This may sound petty to some, but when you are winding down in your stateroom or watching a sporting event in one of the bars, it can be frustrating. Improved satellite channels will make a great vacation just that much better. Oceania is going to even have On Demand for those that don't want to miss their favorite shows while on vacation. Many people are tied to their TV's and if this gets them out of house and on the ship, then its a smart move by the cruise line and watch for others for follow suit.

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