Saturday, February 2, 2008

Will Economy Keep Vacationers Closer To Home

South America is supposed to be a popular destination this year. But with the way things are going, longer trips may be on hold for some if only for cost reasons. Because of this, trips to South America which add time to cruises may suffer a little. While this may be true for some, the avid cruiser is probably not going to let the economy get in the way of visiting new ports. While only time will tell how well the cruise lines will do, it looks like the economy is not going to slow them down that much. As I mentioned in a previous post the cruise lines have strong bookings so far this year, but many of the bookings were made prior to the recent changes of fuel charges. We don't plan to make any South American tips this year either, but Europe is on our radar, so I have to say from a personal standpoint that the economy has not affected our vacation plans YET.

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