Sunday, March 16, 2008

Does Chosing Your Cabin Mean Its Yours?

When it comes to taking a cruise there are two schools of thought on cabin location. The first is to chose the cabin based on location on the ship. This could be because of motion (mid ship on a lower deck will feel less rocking) or because it near or away from areas of the ship such as the pool or disco. A few people even pick their cabins based on the cabins themselves. There are a limited number of cabins on a ship that are handicap friendly and they can be hot commodities even with non handicap people. While choosing yourself can be a smart move, it does not always mean that you will get the cabin you want. Cabins can be reassigned based on need. If you have a cabin that has an access door to the cabin next to you and someone else requires two adjoining cabins it could mean being relocated on the ship. The thing is to not get upset and to work with the agent or cruise line to make sure you get compensated for your troubles. You chose the cabin and booked when you did for a reason. They took it away and you have every right to be taken care of correctly. Sometimes this could be an upgrade to an even better cabin or even on board credit. The worse thing you can do is let it upset you to the point of ruining your vacation.

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