Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Even More Increases For Flying

It seems like every other day there is some added cost for airline travel. Whether its a straight up fare increase or an added charge for something that used to be included there is no question that the current oil problem is having a major impact on the airlines. Look for more ways to be nickeled and dimed when you travel. For anyone that had flown on one of the no frills airlines know, the airlines can come up with some interesting ways to part you with your money. These new plans are being touted as ala carte flying by some in the industry and are going to become the norm in the future. For vacationers, this is going to mean planning to either spend more to fly or learn to do without some of the niceties. Unfortunately when it comes to checked luggage its not so easy to just do without that second bag (at a cost of $25-$50) when going on a week long vacation.

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