Tuesday, March 4, 2008

NASCAR Weekend In Vegas

We just got back from our first ever NASCAR Race. What can be better than getting to go to our first race in Las Vegas Nevada. We went with some long time NASCAR fans, tailgated before the races and had pit passes, or Neon Garage passes as they are known at the Las Vegas Speedway. What we realized is that when we go again next year that we wont get the pit passes for all 3 days. It was fun this time, but we spent so much time in that area that we missed many of the other areas that we could have visited around the stands before the races. The track is conveniently located close to the strip and downtown Vegas as well however with the number of people that go to the race, it took close to an hour to get back to our hotel each night. It was a small price to pay in my opinion. Having been to Vegas on numerous occasions, I have to say that this weekend was definitely different. NASCAR fans were everywhere with hats, jackets, and other swag that supported their favorite drivers. We went to the 10pm showing of Zoomanity at the New York New York casino. Normally dress for the show is a little more dressy, while there isn't really a dress code, than normal. This weekend there were plenty of baseball caps and t-shirts at the show. So if you are looking for a dressed up night out, I wouldn't suggest NASCAR weekend to do so. For us, it was not a big deal, but being most of our vacations are cruise ship related, dress is one of the things I get asked about a lot and tend to make note of when out. Vegas better be ready next year, because they now have 2 more NASCAR fans.

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