Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation Deals Require Doing Homework

The broken record statement that isn't going away is that the economy is bad right now. That shouldn't stop you from taking or at least you chose your own price. Ships and planes don't like to leave empty. It takes playing hardbaresearching a possible vacation. In fact with a little extra effort, you may find that the time may be right to plan that next vacation and get a great deal. Cruise lines, airlines, and hotels are feeling the crunch just as hard as the average person. Because of this, look for many deals to show up in the near future in your email, on TV and in ads on the internet. But don't just take those prices as the bottom line. Use one of the many resources on the net like that lets ll sometimes, but try calling and asking the price. When you get the price, tell them what you were looking to spend and see what happens. As things slow down, the person you talk to may not be authorized to make a deal, but you could end up getting a call back. Everyone talks about the new fuel surcharges that are being charged, but like I stated before it doesn't help when the seats and cabins are empty. Ala cart is quickly becoming the new catch phrase in flying but don't let that scare you. Offering things separately for a small fee will allow the airlines to discount airfare at a time when many are thinking about staying close to home.

When thinking about vacation, there are some ideas that may become popular this summer as the economy and gas change the way we look at it. A great suggestion is to look into vacations where everything you need is close to your hotel so you don't need to rent a car. A taxi ride from the airport to the hotel will probably be cheaper than what a rental would cost plus the price of gas. Many big cities have a form of light rail or subway that is easily accessible. And of course, there is always a cruise. Your floating hotel has pretty much all the things you need, plus you get to visit some fun and exotic locals with the ultimate of designated drivers.

Things may slow down, but with the right planing and research a vacation can be had. And there is a good possibility that it may be less crowded because more people will be staying home this summer.

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