Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't Risk Your Big Vacation

ATA and Aloha airlines have both shut their doors in the past week. This has left many passengers stranded or stuck at home wondering what to do about their vacation. A few will be happy that they decided to get travel insurance. Travel insurance is a smart move when you add up the cost of a vacation and the added benefits for just a small fraction of the total cost of the vacation. I have talked about travel insurance a few times before and recommend it especially when traveling over seas or out of the country in general. But you have to be careful! Not all insurance policies are the same. In some cases, there may be people that bought insurance for their vacations on ATA and Aloha that will find out that the plan they got does not cover the airline going out of business. just like any type of insurance, you have to read the fine print and not just pick one based on the price. Different plans from the same company can vary greatly over just a few dollars of cost. With the the constant changes recently with the economy, travel insurance is as good a bet now as ever. But choose wisely. We have used different companies in the past based on our needs mostly on major trips, but wont hesitate to look into insurance for even a small trip right now.

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