Thursday, April 10, 2008

Economy Doesn't Seem To Be Hurting Vegas

We were in Las Vegas over the weekend and despite all the problems with the economy the place was packed. It was difficult to get on many table games at some of the casinos and walking down the strip was shoulder to shoulder. We did not do much gambling ourselves as this was a sight seeing tour for the group. We had someone with us that had not been to Vegas in over 15 years. In Vegas that's many lifetimes over. We were even shocked at the number of casino's on the strip that had changed names since last summer alone. The shops in the different casino's have to be one of our favorite places to go, if just to window shop. It seems like everything at many of the shops are priced as if you just hit the jackpot and are ready to spend it right back. McCarran Airport was packed as always when we left on Sunday but has to be one of the better airports for getting people through security. In all it was a good trip and we look forward to the next one hopefully soon.

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