Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More A La Carte Pricing From U.S. Airways

We are all familiar with the $25 charges popping up for second checked bags, and it has a while since we last seen a free meal included when on a flight, now U.S. Airways is going to start charging for window and isle seats. They are calling the plan "choice seating" and it is to go into affect starting in May.

At this rate, it is going to cost to put bags in the over head compartment soon. I can see it now, the bins will take bills and credit cards. Want some peanuts? Might have to take out a loan to get a tiny bag. This is tough times for the airline industry, but its also a tough time for the consumer. At the rate things are going, vacations could become something that we read about in magazines rather than actually take. hopefully we wont see it get to that.

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