Monday, June 9, 2008

Airline Price YOYO Continues.

Just last week many of the major airlines raised prices an average of $20 in hopes of recouping some of the rising fuel costs. By today the prices have dropped back to the pre hike levels. What this means is that the airlines have yet to figure out what they need to do to fix their problems. At the current rate (some pun intended here) we could easily see one of the major airlines fold before things get better. Worse case is that there is no better in site. Many experts have been for telling of a return to 1980 type pricing where a round trip cross country coach fair could average close to if not over $1000. Planes will fly a lot emptier but with business travel the airlines would hope that the increase in cost would way offset the decrease in occupancy. Personally, I see a major problem with this. With an airline like Southwest, that continues to do well, the other airlines can't raise fairs to much in areas that are serviced by Southwest. The funniest thing of all that has been going on is that Southwest which is supposed to be the no frills airline, now looks like a luxury to many who don't want to pay to check their luggage and still like the little pack of peanuts on the flight. Who knows, we may see Southwest expand the areas that they service because of all this. I doubt it tho because they know their system that works and they like to stick to it.

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