Saturday, June 14, 2008

Could Airlines Go Way of AMTRAK?

A decade ago this would not have been even considered as probable, but now some people see it as not only probable, but possible. In the late 60s the passenger train service was in trouble because the airlines had began taking business away. In 1971, the US government combined all passenger train service to create AMTRAK. So with all the threats of bankruptcy, there has been talk of a possible airline consolidation in the future. So the question is, could this really happen to the Airline industry? And if yes, then what would that mean to the average passenger? The changes that the airlines have been making may be an example of what we could be in store for if this was to happen. There has been talk of something closed to pre deregulation (mostly in prices). Or it could be totally different in some way that we have yet to imagine. The one thing that we can tell right now is that no matter what, the future of the airline industry is not going to be anything like we have been used to over the past decade.

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