Monday, June 23, 2008

Heat Wave Hits Los Angeles While We Visit

We have been to Los Angeles in June in the past but this time it was different. We did not get to escape the heat of Phoenix this past weekend like we were hoping. Temperatures ranged from mid 90s near the water to triple digits inland. This did not stop us from enjoying our weekend away from home. On Saturday we were early enough to be able to rent bicycles to ride down the beach in Redondo. We took a twelve plus mile cruise up the "strand" to Marina Del Mar, where we enjoyed some well deserved Margaritas while overlooking the marina. The heat did not keep others from enjoying the day as well. After the ride back down the beach. The five hours that we had the bikes only hit us up for $21 per bike. If you live near the beach, you can take your own bike, but the beach cruisers we rented seemed very fitting for the leisurely pace that we kept. Even at that pace we got a good workout as we peddled along.

On Sunday, we headed out to Dodger Stadium to take in a day game. Temperature on the field at game time was 120 degrees. It was not much cooler in the shade of the stands either but that did not stop the fans from cheering on their Dodgers. Suggestion here is if you are planning on drinking is to tailgate before the game. As with just about any venue, the beer is on the expensive side if you ask me. But that's the price we pay when going to a game I guess.

In all we had an awesome weekend away, despite the weather. The only thing we would have changed is what we packed. We packed expecting cooler weather than we have here in Phoenix, but as they say, you cant predict the weather. We were only gone for the weekend, but it does bring to mind the fact that when going on vacation, especially for longer than a weekend anyway, is that you need to prepare for changes in the weather. Even for the weekend, we were prepared, but for it to be colder than normal, not hotter, oops.

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