Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet Coming To A Flight Near You

It was just announced that American Airlines is going to be testing out wifi services in flight. As an avid computer and internet junkie this is something that could make me want to part with my money. Yes, you guessed it. As with everything else, internet on the flights will not be free which is understandable as it will be a third party that maintains the system. If it works well and gets a lot of interest, look for the other airlines to not be far behind in adopting in flight wifi. There is only one thing that could make wifi a painful experience. People playing streaming video and audio. I just hope that people realize that they need to bring their headphones along with them. While I don't see it being a major issue, there are always people that have no regard for others around them. They usually happen to be on the same flight I am.

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Debo Hobo said...

Not only will sound be an issue but video content could become an issue as well. Some things that folks find appropriate in the privacy of their own home may not be so on the plane and what if a little kids gets an eyeful of said inappropriateness. Yikes!!!