Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Airlines To Sell Advertising on ETickets

It was just announced recently that the airlines are going to start selling space on tickets printed from home for advertising. Currently, the plans are to let the people choose whether they want the advertisement printed or not. You can bet the option will be short lived especially if they start to gear advertising based on who is printing the ticket. Many people may be skeptical of this, but without much information, its easy to gear advertising based on an i.p. address to a geographical location. So someone in New York does not have to see advertising for California, well unless the ticket is to LAX. Not knowing much about what kind of ads we will see, I am hoping to see coupon type ads which if geared toward shops and restaurants in the destination city could come in handy. It would be nice to see a discount a restaurant near the San Diego Zoo or a free drink at one of the casino's in Vegas. If done right, this could be huge for the airlines involved and if done wrong, will just waste ink on our printers. So far though it looks like the airlines are starting to look outside the box in ways to help themselves which is a good thing no matter how this turns out.

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