Thursday, July 31, 2008

Would Wi Sway Your Decision On Hotel Choice

A year ago I wrote a post about how people like to take their own game systems with them on vacation. Does my hotel room or cruise ship cabin tv have the right connections for my gaming system? Have games, will travel. I have several times taken my Xbox - Rockband - up to my cabin for the weekend! But would I take it with me on a plane? As airlines limit checked and carry on luggage it seems that I may have to prioritize my packing. A new version of the Nintendo Wi is more durable and has the games loaded on a hard drive, so users do not have to load game CD's. The Wi has become so popular that some hotels and cruise lines are offering it as an optional upgrade. But will this sway vacationers to one hotel or cruise ship over another? Maybe. For some people, playing the Wi is considered a way of relaxing and recharging. Perhaps another way to exercise and have fun at the same time. And Nintendo isn't hurting from the extra publicity either. So this is a win win situation for everyone - well except the vacationers that are trying to get their kids to spend more time outdoors. Nice try, parents!

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