Friday, August 22, 2008

Do You Trust the Weatherman, History, or Your Gut?

Hurricane season is now in full effect and Fay is still wreaking havoc on the Eastern coast as I type this. The last report I read stated that 5 people have died because of Fay. Before Fay hit reporters were swarming around Southern Florida interviewing shop owners who were preparing. What was interesting is the number of people that were not prepared or even worried about the weather. Do people forget the past or even trust the news? It seems to me that many if not most people trust their gut feelings over what they are told. Just about every time there is a natural disaster, there are news stories about people that refused to follow directions and end up paying the price for their actions. Here in Phoenix we go through monsoon season every year and every year there are multiple reports on what not to do when the road is flooded and again every year there are reports of someone getting stuck and having to be rescued from a car stuck in the middle of a flood. There are times when instinct comes in handy but when it comes to going against common sense like in these times it makes me wonder just what are these people thinking. The old adage of its better to be safe than sorry always comes to mind when watching the weather report during bad weather. So for me I may not trust the weatherman but when the report is bad I still listen.

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