Sunday, August 17, 2008

When To Book Your Flight.

In the past it was common practice to wait for deals when looking for airline tickets. That just doesn't fly anymore. With the number of flights being decreased by all major airlines it means that the total number of seats available for most destinations are now fewer than before. With the law of supply and demand that means that prices are going to be higher to begin with and for popular destinations it also means fewer if any deals popping up. So waiting for a deal now could mean not even getting the flight at all. I have yet to try the sites that allow you to say how much you want to pay and see if you can get your flight but if you noticed, most of the commercials lately have been geared toward hotels and not flights. Coincidence? I don't think so. With the way this has been going, its easy to understand that some experts are even saying that now is not to early for booking flights for the holidays. And the now more than ever is it true that being flexible can help. This is true not only with price but whether or not there will even be a seat available. On just about every flight I have been on this year has been over sold (common practice) with people just not making the flight. Even Red Eye flights have been packed which was a shock to me.

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